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Buy 1 Studiobox Pro get 20% off blue&gray screen

What does STUDIOBOX Pro have?

1. A professional three-legged aluminum tripod that is extremely light and strong.

2. Camera stabilizer for shaking-free photography even while moving.

3. LED flashlight 20 W with built-in softening for soft and natural lighting and without circles in the eyes and shadows on the background being photographed, and most importantly! The flashlight is charged with a built-in battery without the need to connect to electricity! for maximum mobility and without dependence on a power source and cumbersome cables.

4. Sound system - How did we shoot without microphones until now? Get your Hank Mike, which includes a transmitter and a wired microphone which includes a connection to the monitor to hear during the recording plus a filter noise, for a clean sound without interruptions_cc781905-5cde-3194-6bad3b-58d_de75c580c58d_58de558c58d -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

5. For us, flexibility and mobility is the name of the game, that's why the STUDIOBOX Pro  comes with a particularly valuable photo bag.

IOS / אנדרואיד
  • זמן אספקה

    זמן האספקה שלנו הוא עד 12 ימי עסקים מיום. ההזמנה.

    ניתן לתאם איסוף עצמי בחנות שלנו בסטודיו למשחק של גל אמיתי.

  • אחריות יצרן

    12 חודשי אחריות מלאה על כל המוצרים.

  • מדיניות החזרת מוצרים

    ניתן להחזיר הזמנות אונליין בקלות ובחינם! החזרות מתבצעות עד 30 יום.

Free home delivery
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10 business days. 
Possibility of self-collection.


One year warranty - official importer.

We commit 

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