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A powerful rechargeable LED flashlight

A powerful rechargeable LED flashlight


Flashlight Professional and powerful photography, with built-in rechargeable batteries for photography without cumbersome cables, and for photography in motion without connecting to electricity for maximum convenience. 


-Two hot and cold colors, control panel, and softening for pleasant and flattering lighting.

- LED light control panel 

- Physical button controller: you can adjust the lighting effect conveniently and easily

- Dimensions 268*188*26.5 mm

-Color temperature: 3200K-5600K

-Lumen: 650LM

-number LED bulbs: 192

-Power: 19.5W

- Working time 4 hours.

- Charging time to 100% an hour and a half.


Free home delivery
Secure payment
Delivery time

10 business days. 
Possibility of self-collection.


One year warranty - official importer.

We commit 

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